We are so excited to continue our Building Power Together campaign for the executive leadership of CTA. We are committed to our vision and our platform, as we continue to push for the education our students deserve. We are honored to have the support of several CTA members across the state in this campaign. Please read their endorsements below:

“As the President of the Oakland Education Association, I am proud of the determination of my members as we prepare for a possible strike for the schools our students deserve. The outpouring of solidarity from CTA members across the state means the world to us. I am supporting the Building Power Together Team of candidates -- Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg, and Leslie Littman -- because they have put support for student-centered this type of member driven organizing at the center of their platform.”

-Keith Brown, President Oakland Education Association

“There are two types of union leaders, multipliers and diminishers. David, Theresa, and Leslie are multipliers. They are people that attract talented people to want to work with them, that create space for thinking outside the box, and support and mentor others like myself. This truly is the group of leaders we need in CTA to build on the amazing Red For Ed movement for public education. Please join me in supporting the Building Power Together Team for executive officers of CTA.”

-Shay Lohman, President Association of Rowland Educators, Service Center One Chair

“I am proud to endorse The Building Power Together team because they believe in union solidarity, support member education on social justice, and believe in building a strong coalition with parents, communities and other unions! Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg and Leslie Littman are who I’m voting for!”

-Veronica Miranda Pinkney, SJTA State Council Representative

"I endorse the BPT team because they have proven over and over again to be strong advocates of marginalized people. Theresa, David, and Leslie are leaders who are inclusive of our diverse membership and responsive to all educators. We need leaders who will be accountable to all members of our union. Vote for the BPT team!"

-Maritza Ávila, OEA/CTA Representative

"More and more we’re seeing local unions take a stand to defend public education and to demand the schools our students deserve. This is not a moment, it’s a movement that requires collective action. When educators, students, and families work together towards a unified vision, the whole community wins.

Our recent victories are only the beginning. Our collective action needs responsive leadership, and that’s why I’m supporting Building Power Together. I believe that we as an association must leverage our strengths in order to make progress. We need strong locals that are inclusive of our diverse membership, and we must continue the statewide fight to fund public education. Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg, & Leslie Littman have a clear, unified vision for our association that empowers all members. Not only do they offer decades of experience and a body of work that illustrates their leadership at every level throughout the association, but together they comprise generational legacies of union activism, social justice, and collective organizing."

-Taunya Jaco, Santa Clara County Service Center

"I enthusiastically endorse the Building Power Together TEAM because they are inclusive, responsive, and collaborative.

Long before I had any official role in CTA/NEA, Theresa Montano, David Goldberg, and Leslie Littman took the time to make sure I felt welcome in the organization and that my voice was heard. If you talk to anyone who knows Theresa, David, and Leslie, you will hear many similar experiences. They empower all our members to make CTA stronger and better.

Theresa, David, and Leslie are the leaders that CTA needs. They view the organization through the lens of racial equity and intersectionality and will lift up ALL our members. We need leaders who may sometimes disagree with you and each other but will always listen to you, work with you, and fight for you.

At March CTA State Council, please join me in voting for Theresa Montano for President, David Goldberg for Vice President, and Leslie Littman for Secretary-Treasurer!"

-Telly Tse, Bay Valley Service Center

"As a relatively new state council delegate, serving my first term, I have received nothing but encouraging and supporting comments from David and Theresa. As I have observed them interacting with other it is clear they treat others the same way--supportive. Now is time to support their Building Power Together Team. Members of this team often ask, "What can I do to help?" and then listen. I have found the members of this team to be genuine and sincere about supporting all union members and our California Schools. The shared experience and established statewide connections that this team has accumulated are vital in maintaining the momentum we have gained under the current state CTA leadership. Join me in voting for Theresa, David, and Leslie."

-Alberto Mojica, OTA State Council Representative

“I am proud to have so many great and qualified candidates to choose from but I have decided to support The Building Power Together team. They have displayed a vision of engaging parents as the way to build strong coalitions, pedagogy and leading professional development in our schools as a way to recapture our respect as educational leaders and most importantly, a union that is the champion for social justice, equity and human rights.”

-Raul Gonzalez, Minority At Large State Council Rep. for Tulare Kings Service Center

"There is a crisis of "Reactionary Leadership" or leading from behind in California School District Boards and Administrations right now, and the Bakersfield City School District (BCSD) is no different. That is why, as the President of the Bakersfield Elementary Teachers Association (BETA) I enthusiastically endorse the platform of Building Power Together(BPT). This platform seeks to empower teachers, families, and students to demonstrate the student-centered organization and pro-active leadership needed to combat the laziness of reactionary leadership and the harmfulness of Janus driven organizers/dividers. Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg, and Leslie Littman have demonstrated the pro-active leadership needed and put it into action up and down the state supporting locals via their BPT platform. CTA needs forward thinking leaders of vision as we move into the post-Janus world, the Building Power Together platform is exactly that team. Theresa, David, and Leslie are the next Executive Board we deserve!"

-Steven Comstock, President BETA, Sierra Service Center

"The faculty and leadership of San Joaquin Delta College Teachers Association strongly recommend a vote for David Goldberg, Theresa Montano, and Leslie Littman, for CTA’s upcoming leadership elections this Spring. We would appreciate the support of you and your colleagues in helping to elect them. This team will provide proven advocacy and leadership skills; they are pro-education with a vision for the future of CTA and education in the great State of California; and for the first time in CTA history you can help elect a president with a background in higher education. Once again we would appreciate your support in helping to elect a team that will help in Building Power Together!!"

-Elizabeth Maloney, SJDCTA President

"With the current climate of attacks on public education and teachers, we need leaders who understand the unique and ongoing challenges, and what it means to engage members and communities, with fresh, new ways of thinking; how to build coalitions with others; and how to act and fight with a united vision and strength. That’s why I’m endorsing the Building Power Together team! Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg, and Leslie Littman will lead us, support us, and together, WE WILL WIN!"

-Gabriela Rodriguez, Feather River Service Center

"As we continue to face the challenges of union busting throughout California, the only leadership that I trust and whole-heartedly endorse to lead us in the charge is The Building Power Together Team. It is with high regard and strong conviction that I endorse Theresa, David and Leslie to be our next CTA Executive Officers. The Building Power Together Team embodies the necessary values to support our students, our membership and our communities to be partners for educational success. These individuals relentlessly advocate for our rights in labor without losing focus of the end goal of student success! I am pleased that The Building Power Together team is persistent in establishing strong community alliances to achieve racial and economic justice. They strive in improving classroom conditions while supporting locals and building leadership. Join me at the next CTA State Council in voting for Theresa, David and Leslie to be our next CTA Executive Officers!"

-Elvia Estrella, San Diego Service Center

"I am confident, excited, and proud to be able to say that I am a strong believer and supporter of the Building Power Together team. Teresa Montaño, David Goldberg and Leslie Littman are inspiring and consummate leaders that are always working with our CTA members in the pursuit of social justice, student - centered education policies, and union solidarity. I ask you to join me and vote for them to keep CTA strong, committed, and improving education in our state."

-David Cuestas, High Desert Service Center

"I’m a proud endorser of the Building Power Together candidates for the positions of CTA President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. I have worked with Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg and Leslie Littman in various capacities over the past several years as a State Council Representative and as President of our Anaheim local. Each one of them earned my respect individually before I knew them as running mates bringing a new vision of leadership to CTA. I’m inspired by their dedication to responsive leadership and respect of the grassroots movement that CTA locals have built in recent years. I’m excited to see where we can take our Association with them at the helm and our voice as their guide!"

-Grant Schuster, Orange Service Center

"As a leader for many years in CTA, I am invested in seeing us move CTA to the next generation of leadership. I support the Building Power Together Team because they embrace the Power of WE! Great leadership requires vision, patience and inclusiveness. That is what I see in the Building Power Together team. I have worked with Theresa, David and Leslie on CTA committees and caucuses. Theresa, David and Leslie are ready to lead us at this pivotal time, when educators are rising up on behalf our students, our members and our communities. This Team knows that the only way for us to harness this energy and prevail is through collective action and organizing. We cannot afford to let this opportunity pass us by. Join me in voting for Theresa, David and Leslie."

-Lynette Henley, Redwood Service Center

"As you might know, my work as a union leader extends to the needs of the most vulnerable students in Salinas. I need leadership who while unapologetically standing up for our members also believe in a student-centered agenda that focuses on improving classroom conditions. I need leaders who can work with all of our members, every constituency, every geographical location and every political party. The Building Power Together team is that leadership team. I proudly endorse Building Power Together because they believe in union solidarity and strong coalitions with parents, communities and other unions! Join me in casting your vote for Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg and Leslie Littman!"

-Oscar Ramos, Central Coast Service Center

"I am so proud to endorse the Building Power Together slate of Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg, and Leslie Littman. The fact that they came together, as a slate, shows their commitment to unity and transparency. They understand that union is working together to get our work done and that union means ALL of us, not just a select few. I also stand behind this dynamic team of leaders because of their ongoing commitment to support our schools, our students, and our members. Finally, I endorse this team because of their commitment to social justice, not just supporting causes but being actively involved as agents of change to improve our schools, communities, state, nation, and world."

-Kelly Villalobos, Stanislaus Service Center

"I support the Building Power Together team for CTA Officers. It is imperative, at this time of public awareness and activism around Public Education, that we have a statewide team that is cohesive and open to innovation in Public Education Advocacy."

-Ingrid Gunnell, UTLA

"Heading to state council soon. Proud to vote for the Building Power Together team of Theresa Montaño, David Goldberg, and Leslie Littman! I love that they have run a clean campaign with a collective vision. Each of them has always been professional, knowledgeable, and kind in every interaction I have ever had with them. Leslie is my director and her guidance and support is part of what inspired me to be active in CTA. Looking forward to casting my vote."

-Hilary Hall, Bay Valley Service Center

"As someone who has been in union leadership as part of a team (2014 to now) and when there was no team (2011-2014) I can tell you that teams work. Notice I am not saying slate (who come together just to win). A team has a common vision, political agenda and are committed to back each other and fight together - for the sake of the members and the union. Not only is Building Power Together, the first leadership team for CTA, but they are also exceptional individuals. This is how CTA needs to build for the future of public education."

-Arlene Inouye, UTLA

"This is a big weekend for CTA State Council delegates, we will be charged not only with electing our next officers but also in determining the future direction of our union.

I will be voting for Theresa Montaño for CTA president, David Goldberg for vice president, and Leslie Littman for secretary/treasurer. The BPT team has worked collaboratively with members throughout the state to develop a platform that will not only strengthen our union, but will give voice to all members. It’s time to turn up the volume on member voices!

I have had the opportunity to work with each of these leaders over the years and I will be honest, we don’t always agree and have been known to bump heads on occasion... but good leadership isn’t about alway agreeing, it’s about us doing the right thing at the right time for our members. Theresa, David and Leslie know how to listen, engage in conversation and work collaboratively to take action. That is the leadership that CTA needs right now!

I am NOT voting “against” other candidates. Many of my friends/colleagues are also running for office and I have much respect and love for them.

I hope you will join me in voting for the Building Power Together team, Theresa, David and Leslie.

Let’s have a great Council!"

-Margie Granado, Southeastern Service Center


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